Sara LiDonni, Director and Head Coach of Powered By Life, is a highly experienced and accredited Personal Trainer with more than 10 years coaching and assisting clients in healthy life changes.
Powered By Life prides itself on their unique difference they bring to the industry, which can often be swamped with fads, poor training programs and quick fix extremes that don’t work.


Not all trainers are created equal!. See the difference for yourself by signing up for any of our Personal Training, Nutrition + Gut Health Support and Holistic Development Coaching programs today.
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Why I Sauna

Why I love to sauna, infrared sauna It's like the secret is out as I'm certain 2 years ago when I talked about my fabulous sweaty detox session everyone thought I was going to one of those steam saunas at the local public pool that is NOT a good way to meet men! Far...

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The Discomfort Key: Changes Worth Making

THE DISCOMFORT KEY - Changes worth making! Let's jump into this topic head first shall we?! Who told us that we must feel comfortable at all times, that life is simply not good if there is pain, difficultly or even stress? The Discomfort Key is what I'm writing about...

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Snack Attack!

SNACK ATTACK! DEVILED EGGS What to eat snacks - look out for more snack ideas each week but for the grandness of them all Deviled Eggs! Add bacon, hot source, goats feta cheese, side of Tuna or sardines and even as the image suggests; Boiled eggs, avocado, coconut oil...

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Sara trains my 12 year old daughter, 15 year old son and myself. We all have incredibly different fitness, goals and abilities. Sara is brilliant in accommodating all of our specific needs and varied levels of fitness. The sessions are very well structured with care and are always fun with time passing quickly. We all feel stronger, fitter and less stressed with our busy lifestyles. The results after a couple of weeks have been amazing where you look and feel so much better. Sara is very understanding and patient with changing session times to fit into our unpredictable week. She is very knowledgeable in fitness and nutrition and training is now something we all look forward to! Helen

Client of PBL since 2016

I am over 60 and Sara has done wonders with improving my overall fitness and particularly the range of movement in my shoulders which was quite restricted when I first started with Sara. She has been expert in treating my issues with suitable and varied exercise routines. Above all I really enjoy our sessions and feel full of energy afterwards. Dianne

Client of PBL since 2012

“Sara is a lot of fun and she fully commits to making you better and helping you reach your goals. She also contacts you between sessions to check in you and help you keep motivated.”


Client of PBL since 2012

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