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My attempt at a ‘comedic’ and slightly informative (probably not) blog

Im no expert. I only have one child and he is just a week or so past 2. My son was 2 weeks over-cooked and I was induced and managed to have a natural labour. It was summer, we were poor, no air conditioning and the relationship was as good as (very) buried….not that I knew that at the time.

I have had a handful of girlfriends over the past 2 weeks be introduced to the new world of motherhood. One is only a month or so pregnant, another just had her second and one just had her first.

As you can probably imagine there are different rainbows of feelings and conversations going through each Mumma!

The newly pregnant – first baby

This is the most obvious one and being only 7-8 weeks pregnant it’s just exciting and happy as it is for everyone at that stage of the pregnancy…. until you really grasp the fact that your pregnant (often triggered by the first scan) then… the nausea and lethargic wave comes crashing in like a vomit missile. The conversation ebs and flows from curious questions to an existing mumma (me) to the obvious chit chat man over to talk about anything but the inevitable belly fatness-baby on its way.

I remember watching every episode of Born every minute on SBS and then I went through a phase I was you tubing birthing videos… I was SO excited to be a mum. 30, already divorced once and a maternal instinct that could of cared for 100 infant chimpanzees! – I was definitely ready!

Lucas LiDonni

The anxious tired new mum – first baby

It’s nearly like word for word each mum has the same conversations over the first few weeks.
‘so tired’
‘he sleeps so well/bad’

‘everyone is being really supporting’ (keep the delegation going!)

This one is more real for me, one that I can relate to the most and the one that I receive the most amount of emails in regards to. New mums contacting me wanting to know how I managed to stay fit and healthy during and after my pregnancy. Ummmm did I? Ok well I did train throughout, I did eat phenomenally well and I did start ‘training’ albeit at home pilates and hip mobility rehab work within days of returning home. Oh and I had a myotherapist at my house most weeks – heaven!

I also had many days and weeks of no training or eating too great, tiredness is torture. Do I need to say any more?!

The second time round mumma bear – second little princess

Nope, can’t relate at all….. Yep a little jealous as I would love to have more children running around ruining my carpet and throwing food.

My girlfriend who has just had her second little princess is hilarious and one of my best buddies. Actually by about the second text after receiving the traditional ‘we are proud to announce…’ she was back to her usual self. No time for baby banter, there’s a WHOLE family to care for now an hell we need to start plotting for a girls night out!

A tribute to all mums out there and a little advise.
Be kind to yourself and be honest with yourself.
  • If you need space whether its away from the baby (YES thats normal!), visitors or anyone else just say it!
  • If you feel physically unwell tell your health nurse straight away, those ladies are geniuses and have heard everything and have many little secret trick to fix uncomforted and a black book of information.
  • If you feel great, great… it might last forever, it might not but run with it! With my experience days are no longer days but you now function on a right boob, left boob feed routine, there is no such thing as time!
  • Let everyone take care of you, wash your clothes, clean your house, feed you, whatever you need. All you need to worry about and care for is that new bundle of joy and human that is absolutely completely dependant on your nurture, care, breastmilk (yes I’m a big advocate for breastfeeding but completely get its not doable for many reasons) and they love your singing no matter how bad it is its very soothing to hear their Mummas voice.
  • Oh and I have zero advice on how to care for your husband/relationship but from what I gathered if they stick around, still love you, respect you and come home looking forward to being with their new family then you probably have a good one!
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