Yes this is about processes, no it’s not about a microchip process!

We all have a pretty good idea on what calories are, how we consume calories (food) and then we use those calories up during our daily activities (expenditure). Depending on the quality, volume, frequency of our calorie intake we will give our body a varying result and how our body works with what you have given it depends on what you gave it!

How about the rest of our energy system?
Similar to the food concept of Input -> Process -> Output is our behaviours, patterns and emotions and how we get to them is effected by what we put into our heads in the first place. 
When we give ourselves negative, whether thats food that our body doesn’t actually want or need or surrounding yourself with negative people or continuing to the same thing and behaving the same way as you have always behaved then the Output will more than likely give you the same result that you have always had. Are you happy with how you dealt with that work situation last week? Are you content with the patterning of your relationships? Do people in general treat you a certain way that you wish were different? Have you had insecurities about yourself, your whole life?
So by practicing with different Inputs, such as entering a short court in working with anger issues, seeing a councillor about a stagnate relationship or researching, learning and educating your brain in a new way we can provide ourselves with an alternative Output. 
You just gotta get honest with yourself
This is a common example below that I’m using as often there is relationships with family, or a colleague or even our partner that can go like this:
1. identify the result of something you don’t like
i.e everytime I’m around that person we fight
2. ask a honest friend who has known you for long enough for their honest view how they see your behaviours
i.e Why do you think (friend) that I always fight with this person?
3. Work out what part of you reacts/creates the fight, why you can’t hear/understand the other person so conflict starts
i.e write it out, in point form how you feel when you see that person or when you know you are going to spend time with that person. Identify why that person reacts to you as well.
4. Change! Yes I know that’s the fought part that no one likes to do, but….what happens if you don’t?    Nothing, everything remains the same, same fight, same outcome, same input, same output.
Maybe the change could be to start with space from that person and give yourself some too, to reflect on yourself. Or possibly identifying other relationships you may have with the same behaviours even if fights don’t actually occur and ‘practicing’ your new behaviour with them. These are just a few options but there are plenty out there, plenty that you can explore and plenty you might not be able to think of on your own either!
It’s like deciding that eating bread makes you feel crap, so you stop it…. but it’s not always to just stop that might be the right answer for you. So you try different ways, different ingredients, different times to eat it, pre workout, post workout…. till you find what works for you that gives you a more positive result. Then you’re onto a new and better thing. Yey!
I know I’m no writer, i love to write though and hope that my blogs are more enjoyable than a year or so go. Appreciate any feedback on topics, or anything else. 
Sara – Powered by Life