(“Sun Stopping”)
Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice which will be the shortest day of the year…the darkest day.

This is when the days start getting longer into the next cycle and giving us more light to carry us into a solid 2015. What are your goals for next year? Lose weight? Make more money? Start a family? Retire? You can’t do it without energy.


It is time to catch your breath. Hunker down and count your blessings today. Maybe take a salt bath. A nap? How about 2 naps?!. 

Make this winter solstice weekend about being lazy and giving your body what it needs. I promise you, the health benefits are great but the psychological ones are even better.

Share this with the people in your life that NEED to hear this today and please…take some down time. We’re all so crazy busy nowadays that we forget to breath, check in, relax, and restore our energy when we’re supposed to. The bears hibernate so why can’t we?. 

We can learn a lot from nature we just need to switch a few things off, power down, zone out and listen. Listen to your own inner nature and see what you feel like doing right now…I’m off to sleep! 🙂

Warm winter love,

Sara @ Powered by Life