Terrific Teas

There is Tones of Terrific Teas out there that I’m sure you and I haven’t heard of and there doesn’t need to be a powder or a tablet for every moment your body or mind needs a little help. Choose one from the simple list of terrific teas bellow and follow these super simple instructions; Boil a kettle, locate your favourite mug (mine’s a San Sabastion one I collected on holiday 5 years ago visiting my best friend) and have a stash of teas in your cupboard.

Keep this handy list on your fridge or even write it on your kitchen tiles with a whiteboard marker (my kitchen is full of scribbly tips and reminders). Below are 6 different terrific teas to help, assisting in the common cold to teas to prevent bloating.

  • Common Cold – Elderflower

  • Sleeplessness  – Chamomile

  • Slow Metabolism – Green Tea

  • Stressed – Lemon Balm

  • Nausea – Ginger Tea

  • Bloated – Peppermint

Other things worrying your body or your head then I came across this more comprehensive list also!


Now for the disclaimer: aside from the usual ‘consult your doctor’ and ‘for your information only’ business, note that I am not a TCM practitioner. There is tons of fascinating info on tea out there (and even more fascinating experts). If this stuff fascinates you, I urge you to go out and do some digging. Just make sure you stop for a tea break.

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