I have a little (big) dirty secret. I don’t diet, ever.

I don’t starve to lose weight, ever.

I don’t always have just one ‘cheat’ meal a week.

I don’t always manage to get vegetables into my toddler.

I don’t always get all my vegetables needed every single day.

I always keep it real and know that pharmascutical companies, commercials and even my very own industry constantly is trying to trap me, my family, friends, clients and peers into purchasing an apparent ‘needed’ product.
The truth, when I was pregnant I continued to have my superfood greens even though they weren’t ‘tested’ to be safe during pregnancies… i figured it was better than consuming sugar or other processes foods to give me energy and was much easier to consume when pregnant than a bunch of broccoli each day.

Truth: I did eat a few packs of chocolate whilst pregnant.

Truth: I did eat VERY well during my pregnancy, before my pregnancy, after my pregnancy and continue to each day 3 years later.

Truth; I am an advocate for health, for nutrition and for overall wellbeing.

Truth; I get super frustrated and the constant bullshit people are fed about what is good for them, what they shouldn’t eat and many other ‘ideas’ that just are another way of selling something.

Truth; I’m writing this because I want to sell you something. Yes, i know you didn’t expect that hey? What is it then? It’s a product I started taking when I first started running, about 5 years after I quite smoking and about a year after I had drank my self stupid after a divorce. It’s a product that gave me the ‘insurance’ i needed to know i was giving my body at least a minimal in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and many other important things my body needs to survive and live at its best.

I didnt even have it sold to me, I lived with the guy who was bringing over the waters and into Australia… I laughed at the time when he said he was going to be one healthy advocate with a bank full of money and a phone full of happy customers…then he put the product on my shelf in the kitchen and within a week I was harassing him for more because I felt so good. This was….oh gee now i feel old, when i was 27! I am about to turn 34 and haven’t missed a day.

I’m not like many health consultants that probably talk all day every day about the product they forefront, I like to be more of the ‘I’m the result of the product’ kind of person.

I had a healthy pregnancy, healthy recovery from having a large baby and I’m 3 years on, working full time still as a personal trainer, full time single mother, I cook for myself and my son each day and my son also in the past 6 months started taking the childrens JP gummies which once he turns 4 will receive the product for FREE till he turns 18! not bad hey?!

I know by now like others you may have already clicked on the link, emailed me or just gone straight through to the order form. Maybe you have further questions? Cool you can contact me anytime, or even contact Steve, remember the guy i said i thought was nuts who wanted to bring in this product that MADE you healthy, digestion clear, head energised and body functional… yup you can contact him anytime if you want to know any more πŸ™‚ Peace and JP+ πŸ˜‰


Oh and here’s the link! Β http://www.juiceplus.com.au/+rl12465