When was the last time you had butterflies of excitement just because you feel HAPPY in life?

I really might have to write a book on my crazy life some day…I’ve been experiencing a fair bit of butterflies lately. I don’t really know what to do with these feelings and emotions at times. Actually the old me would self sabotage anything too good coming into my life with some negative self talk…have you done that before?

These days I’m so very different, I know I’m deserving of all the good stuff. Of joy, love, success, reward and achievement. It’s a long crooked journey.

Over the past 3 months I have had a lot of people reach out to me, either in a personal sense or work related. It’s like I’m grounded, relaxed and in control of my life and people want to be around me. I’ve had friends in my life that offered me the same comfort and advise as I have developed and worked through hard issues. Who am I kidding I still have a heap of growth to go, my whole life in fact!

This brings me to my point: Finding excitement.

What we know:

There is more education than ever before – this for example –New food pyramid

Resources to help us get smart, lose weight, fix your life, learn to play guitar…whatever it is you’ll find it online #livenow

Most of us will have several careers and several jobs in our one lifetime

Most of us will be married/coupled and divorced a number of times before finding our life partner

There is more depression, anger, violence, illness …. well now we pay more attention to this data

Oh and there is probably millions of self made Quotes on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and all the other social media outlets that tell us how we could fix/earn/live out life.

So whats YOUR problem?

With all the help and support out there why aren’t you a wealthy bastard with a perfect life?!  The ideal family, a lean and strong body and emotionally just at your peak daily?!!

It just aint all that easy, quotes being read, saved, liked and screen shot won’t cut it. Consuming diet bars, training exessivly, ignoring the core of your bodies functions and levels and of course watching youtube videos and reading headlines of articles (like this one ha!) won’t help you get to your Peak potentional too much faster either.

3 Questions that will have you waking up with PURPOSE

Often when I asked these questions people will ask questions back as most of us generally prefer to have specifics and boundries to our thinking as aposed to being asked a simple question that could and does have a multitude of answers.

What do you want to achieve?

Yes the questions is open for interpretation to you. What is it YOU wan to ACHIEVE?

What is important to you right now?

Right this very moment in your life what is MOST important?

Describe your perfect world. Yea go nuts, whats this world look like? who’s in it? who isn’t? what are you doing, wearing, feeling, thinking in this perfect world…are you working or resting, walking or running?

Its pretty easy to answer these questions because you just have to find your inner most HONEST place in your soul and say it. Sometimes we shock ourselves with the answers we come up with!

You might find a hurdle at the beginning, like Ive seen countless times with the first question ‘achieve financially you mean? or do you mean physically? I don’t understand, achieve what?’

It’s easy, between NOW and your DEATH what would be kind nice to ACHIEVE?

Lets touch base next week and chat about some other great questions to ask yourself to allow yourself to accomplish your PERFECT WORLD!