All the answers you need to find your ultimate nutrition and health is out there. The question is where?!

I know i know, you can google anything these days. Any formula, question or opinion but how on earth to find the RIGHT answer for you?.

I have some tips:

• Take your time. People who have really nailed their knowledge on how their body best functions for ultimate performance, focus and happiness have invested time and patience.

•  Question what you know. The reason for this is often what we think is absolutely the Rule-of thumb can be what we have been ‘told’ for years. Either via smart advertising e.g you have GAUD because the commercial on tv raises 1-2 symptoms that are common to nearly anyone at any one time in their life. Or it may be you think you know because someone that is not qualified in the field (your mum, your best friend, some random opinion) has just told you that its what is right.

•  Give it a go. Try different foods, actually eat them maybe even  few times and see the reaction on your body. Did it cause you to bloat, feel sluggish, feel content and gave you some energy and concentration. You won’t actually KNOW if you don’t give it a go. Using a form of an elimination diet can be helpful. Try eliminating all unnecessary ingredients e.g alcohol, sugar, refined carbs…all the stuff we know we shouldn’t be eating anyway then slowly introduce foods like tomatoes, eggplant, nuts and watch mindfully what happens. Don’t just decide you can or can’t have something because someone tells you. Give it a go!