What IS healthy? With all the years of running, skipping and any form of cardio I used to nail my body through I did learn quite quickly that the key to an athletic and LEAN figure was in fact putting cardio obsessive training in the past and getting my ass STRONG!


I went through the process in 2012-13 of reshaping my health. I was only months out from having my son (2 months post partum) and had managed to eat very well  but I still put on 25+ kilos! I’ll never forget my heart dropping seeing the scale at 87 kilos and thinking ‘shiiiiiittt this is going to be hard work’.

To be transparent throughout all my articles I do want to say that I breastfed full time up to 12 months and continued to have quite a good focus on eating healthy, clean and balanced as possible. BUTT! I mean but I did have copious amounts of nutella toast smothered with bananas most early morning hours as for me personally breastfeeding made me HUNGRY!


There is just SO much to think about these days in order to be HEALTHY isn’t there?

  • We have to consider our level and frequency of exercise.
  • The volume, quality and mix of ingredients for ‘optimum health’ for nutrition.
  • We need to be flexible and mobile but of course strong to create that lean ‘popular’ and socially more accepted physique.
  • Oh there’s also the BPA, metals absorption.
  • The additive, pesticides, colours and other major toxicities such as skin absorption and risk of cancers from endocrine and hormone disruption.

Freaking out yet?! Me too!

Oh damn, i forgot all the intolerance of gluten, wheat, mushrooms, night shades and all the other popular ones out there. How on earth are we supposed to keep up let alone be healthy?!


Your best. Seriously that’s all you need to be doing. I can imagine some of you saying ‘well stupid I already do that’. I don’t doubt that you are. However there is always, always and always room to learn, grow and change – have you changed recently?

Here are some of the questions I push myself to understand. This is the guts of the post right here. Some might be more towards being a woman also. I haven’t mastered thinking like a bloke yet, too complex for me 😉

EMOTIONAL/PHYSIOLOGICAL – What decisions and actions am I doing in my daily life that are effected or ruled by my emotions?

Why am I upset, sad, anxious, shitting myself over this ‘thing’

Reminders and lessons: Acknowledge the emotion and bring yourself back to the present moment. The trouble lies in ignoring or burying your emotional tribulations. Seek support in the close people you trust. Turn to a teaching book, councillor or developmental podcaster that enables you to learn and grow away from the doubtful, negative and scared person to the FREE, NOURISHED and WHOLESOME person.

My emotional supporters is my girlfriend in northern Spain and motivational speaker and healer Geoff Thompson. These two keep me emotionally stable and ‘safe’. Geoff I don’t even know personally but through listening and learning to his teachings he has quickly become one of my top 5 influential people in my life.


Clearly there is every type of sport and style of fitness you could think of these days, how fantastic! All these options and wonderful teachers out there to spread their passion. There is of course the advertising smothering side…be clear and defined on what you need to change about your body.

How do I become CLEAR & DEFINED about what my body needs?

It’s taken me years to understand that. Be clear in what you need to know and understand about your body in order to create and develop the best and healthiest body you can have, after all its your vessel you are in until you die so take great care of it! Have a defined plan to get there, that means setting goals in all aspects of your life including friendships, health, finances anything that will help you achieve optimal health.

Below I have written a snippet to my personal journey to finding true health

Small story and symptoms!

Whilst I am hungry to learn as much as I possible about the mysterious & sciences of our bodies I have LOADS to learn. Turning to experts who actually know the answers to my questions. I want specific and detailed answers to why my body is doing, being and feeling. That why I can adjust and change according to MY needs and not someones idea or performed guess. So here is how I have gotten specific recently.

1. Felt crap despite efforts.

2.Tight immobile neck for past 20 years! Severe Jaw cracking.

1) Finding specific help and understanding of my body. Continued on usual good eating and training when possible 2-5 times per week. Went to usual doctors who I had to beg for a full bloods test, he gave me half of what I requested but identified my iron levels were crazy low. Dr advised me to double doze on high strength iron tablets for a while and that was the end of that. I was NOT happy with that answer and had a friend refer me to someone who really is very knowledgable aka expert status!

Went to see a very knowledgeable Wellness guy who has his own in-house doctor who took FULL bloods and I received a full analysis, report and specific detoxification which is exact for my body! I won’t get into my personal date because it’s just that, not specific to you, only me.

2) Sourced out through a handful of athletes a number of osteo-therepist and physio’s to look again at my neck. Also for the record about 5 years ago I went through intense investigations of my sternocleidomastoid (SCM) including 12 months of botox therapy to reduce and help with spasms and tension. It was helpful for some symptoms but no relief to others. I found one that is being meticulous at caring for my spine and neck and so far the results are coming along, slowly but thats more than I have had in more than half of my life!

This year I decided to also see a teeth and jaw specialist and after analyses and review of my sleeping and waking up feeling fatigued in my face, chest and neck I will be picking up a jaw stent on Friday which I’m hoping will relieve some (estimated 50-80% !) of the tension and misalignment of my jaw which is categorised as very complex in movement – great for me, not!  So I am quietly excited that I might be taking some leaps and bounds in relieving my mobility issues in my neck and shoulders… along with stretching, yoga and prioritising relaxation and me time/stuff!

Finding my body’s new and better place to carry me through my life and the goals I set for myself is the ultimate priority. Without a functioning and healthy body, a happy mind and a circle of support friends and family then it would make for a less enjoyable life but also make my number 2 priority difficult to achieve and thats to live a long healthy life raising and watching my son grow into a fine human being!



False Expectations Appearing Real