I have to write about me in this post in order to share with you that we all have a desire to be our real selves. In fatness, cuteness, gayness, determination, laziness…whatever is you is what is the best option!

Let me share the best way I can.

My message is very clear.

I know I was born just like every other person an original and I’m certain I don’t want to live my life as a copy of another person.

Pulling away from forces where we find ourselves where it may be more accepted is so very hard, I know!.

Here’s some examples:

  • People who may struggle to be outward with their sexuality
  • The quest for ‘losing weight’ is a never ending pressure
  • There always seems to be a new ‘truth’ like we aren’t able to just live our lives and feel our on way without being told whats now the right way
  • Working and hobbies are two very separate compartments of life. But why?
  • Relationship quality/type … well I might leave that one to the experts!

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I can only write with integrity and transparency when I say that being true to the Original Me is difficult. Do you know that feeling when your feeling like a….a sheep….the same as many others and ask yourself, what was it I wanted to do and be?

Regardless of the sparkly dream or the millions of dollars that dream may costs to accomplish you had a unique and original behaviour and creative thinking brain. Then something changed in us, not suddenly…over time. Was it our schooling, parents, culture, peers? Likely a combination of all of them, in my case anyway.


How do we renew our originality but still quantify being accepted in our current lives. Here’s an ‘outrageous’ example, your a mum of 2 kids, have a good husband thats ridden a rocky road with you and you have the usual money, time and self confidence woes. Inside your chest though is this pulse that holds your unique you, the one that wanted to be a aircraft mechanic, a professional dancer, a song writer … ppfffffttt that ain’t going to happen you say to yourself!

Openly I must layout that I never desired more to whimsically jump on  a plane and visit friends in Europe, to smash out my credit cards on stuff I just want to hurry up and get (like a descent coffee machine and a kitchen table thats not an old outdoor setting) than I do these days in my life.

I dream of owning a massive property in the country with cedar wood stables that holds half a dozen horses and to have this cool clicky horse tribe of mates that we spend our entire weekends riding, grooming and drinking wine and of course discussing our plans for the next European getaway. To have the 11:11 true love with my soul mate that is just incredibly awesome in every way. REALITY CHECK!!

Wake up! Hello?

Sorry I got carried away there for a moment.

I spent my entire 20’s living a life that is what I felt was expected of me, married young, pushed for financial and career success every moment i could and inevitably desired to be a mother so much I forgot to create a life that was with the Soul mate and not one that ‘appeared’ to be. I just saw what I wanted to see in my 20’s despite the crashing and burning of bank accounts, relationships and friendships around me. I can’t tell you how many tears I’ve shed and how many kilometres I ran to lift these heavy feelings from me.

So I’m on this amazing journey now, financially things are at a nice steady low, my love life sits comfortably in the same place also. My son is ridiculously amazing and intelligent and just blows me away with his love every day. I have to tell myself I’m deserving of this human because it can feel he is too amazing for me.

Now whats left is to just be me, all of me at 34.5 (yes I’m now at the age I talk halves!) with the only pressure and expectation being that I stay true to my original self.

How?!! I worked out a way that could help me learn. I need to LEARN. I need to surround myself with people I aspire to be similar to but NOT COPY, to be inspired by hearts and love and not by 6packs and large wallets. I want to be around the nerds of originality.

So I’m on a journey, a quest you could say to find these people, contact them and talk to them. There’s a catch. With gratitude I will ask these amazing people I find if I may video our conversations so that I can then in turn SHARE them with the world!

So here’s my 900 word pitch to you! Subscribe and be part of my journey. Yes!

Sara LiDonni – I am Powered by Life


False Expectations Appearing Real