Isn’t that what we should think of ourselves when we say, I am….GOLD! I am precocious, unique, worthy and deserving.

I wrote a post on Monday about being unique and being true to who you are. It’s been a popular read with some lovely feedback coming through on email πŸ™‚ thank you.

One of the many special people I have followed for a number of years now is this courageous and outstanding man, Geoff Thompson. It only takes a quick google search to see his amazing and worthy achievements.


Yes thats a photo of me, I’m the 6th! I love this quote and really believe this to be true. I have also worked out through the people I respect the most that not all of the top 5 need to be people you can even see or touch. I made myself the conscious 6th because I’m striving to be better than I am now, in many ways. I’m aiming for the average of the 5 most amazing people I have discovered and respect…that’s pretty high stakes but I love a challenge!



Grab Β yourself a hot drink (hands up who’s not enjoying freezing this Melbourne winter?!) and settle yourself down for a short but amazing video by Geoff Thompson.

For those who are keen to know who is on my hit list of interviews, this guy is! I have made contact but am yet to find out if I can book in an interview with this busy man. Saying that there are a number of amazing videos and books he has on offer. www.geofthompson.com