Salmon Tamari

It’s no secret that I’m a hard-ass mum when it comes to the food I give my son. Don’t get me wrong I don’t put a bowl of broccoli in front of him and demand he eats it and then he is to go clean his room…I just expect he eats the broccoli…I’m cool with a messy room!

I’ve learned in the three long years (sarcasm yes) that I’ve been a mum that children really are the result of their environment which includes, enormously the foods they are given from day dot. Secondly, I have paid more attention to my own health more than ever before from the very moment I realised I was pregnant because to be the best mum and I have to be the best of me!

As always I aim to help in any way I can anyone, regardless if you are a parent or not.

I’ve become a speciality cook in my house, mainly because I’m the only adult in the house and secondly theres no way I’m making separate meals and ingredients for my son just because his a kid!

Because of the constant load of work I am under with a physically demanding job (sports coach), being a mum and sole adult in the home for day to day duties and of course the full time and fun role of being a awesome superhero fun mum I’m always thinking NUTRITION. Gimme healthy food that’s the right fuel and the right time so I can get through this day HAPPY, ENERGETIC and FOCUSED! Know what I mean?!!

The easiest dinner and one of our favorited here is Salmon Tamari, Brown rice and some veggies quickly sautéed in the remaining juices of the Salmon pan…Amazing, super quick and woofed down in minutes every time!


Organic Atlantic Salmon with skin on (skin off if you prefer *great fats)

Tamari *Salt reduced Soy sauce

Brown Rice – well cooked

Variety of veggies (we used Cauliflower, broccoli, beans, capsicum, carrots)

See video on how to best cook the Organic Atlantic Salmon

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