KIWI NOT ENVY – The perfect drink

For most of us Spring arrives in Melbourne like opening the door to a hot oven on a cold winter day. BOOM! KIWI not ENVY!

Before you know it your sweating profusely, your tired from the sudden extra activity and your torn between the latest flavours of ice cream and the reminder that your body may of not received the ‘cleanse’ you were planning on doing!

Then to really blow some smoke you notice that there is a stampede of athletic healthy bodies already walking around….ops forgot to keep up the ‘get fit and healthy goal’?! So let me explain this simple cleansing drink!


I’ve been on a mission for some time now to discover the exact ingredients that work for me. While being mindful of the knowledge I have developed over the years and of course the endless conversations about what is a paleo, organic,raw, gluten free, vegan etc… The longer I focus on health both personally and professionally the more I respect the human body and the need to really listen to what it needs at any given time. With that I always encourage my clients to find time in their busy lives to really listen to what their bodies needs. Maybe more sleep. Potentially less food – we sure can over eat these days. Or maybe a whole bunch of extra nutritionally balances meals are required instead of skipped meals and snack foods. Do you listen to your bodies needs?

So I’m discovering that whilst eating regularly has a world of benefits, as it heats up I don’t always feel like a ‘meal’. Here’s a drink that both supports quality sleep, digestion, healthy skin, lowering blood pressure, IBS and heaps of other benefits! It’s so easy and quick too.

Something from the garden MINT – Great decongestant to break up phlegm or relieving sore throats. Also wonderfully calming and cooling on skin.

KIWI (x2) – for reduction in bloat, clear skin & inline with supporting quality sleep

organic APPLE – a tremendous anti-inflammatory, apples have stood out among many other natural treatments.

Put these simple THREE INGREDIENTS in a blender (I use my NutriBullet) with some ice, serve up and enjoy out in the sun!