Monday’s or any day for that matter can be a dread when a …. person!

There’s the health of your body with nutrition, sport (any form of activity really), our children, chores, bills…you get the drift yea?

Using my own version of the 80/20 rule ( John Berardi method of nutrition) I try and get my life ‘right’ 80% of the time… 20% of the time I suck!

I have a really cool collection of friends and each of them have a separate view of the negatives in their lives and the search for happiness, wealth or whatever. Me, I’m looking for all of it, whatever life wants me to experience, I’m in!

That’s my attitude 80% of the time…the other 20% of the time I’m pissed off, sad, nostalgic, a little crazy (or a lot) and even anxious wondering what else life has in store for me.

Monday for me is split into 3 things. 1. Must train myself and clients, 2. clean house, 3. be an awesome mum….on Mondays i’m on ‘be an awesome mum’ focus because my son spends Tuesday to Wednesday away with his *insert sarcasm* wonderful father so it’s like our Love & Fun top up day!



Plastasine fun and Breakfast before school (Recipe at the bottom)

Plastasine Fun - Powered by Life

Train myself (Posterior focus) and some mobility work & train clients


We had already spoken about painting earlier in the morning so the little one came home to the paints and paper on the kitchen table ready to rock…with only 1.5 metres from me in the kitchen cooking up a storm at the same time it was the perfect setup for after school conversations and activities!

Painting - Powered by Life

and I cooked this delicious lunch (Recipe at the bottom) and extra meals for the next 2 days. Inspired by Jaime of course

Chicken & Balsamic - Powered by Life

Then whilst I fluttered around the house being a domestic goddess the little one was inspired by the colours of painting and asked ‘what else can I do with colour mum?’ so we hit Google and found a project!


I didn’t have the stuff to do a paper-meche so i resorted to the Kinetic Sand, thank goodness it’s hardy stuff!

This is what we did.

Little espresso glass in the middle of a tray and added our Kinetic Volcano Mountain…Rock and tree hunting in the courtyard for decoration

Volcano Fun - Powered by Life

Added Bi-Carb Soda in cup and then made a separate mix of food colour and vinegar to pour and make the ‘eruption’

Volcano Fun - Powered by Life

Yey we have a smile and now he is INSPIRED!

After a clean up the Kinetic Sand came out again and now he was thinking all Dinosaur….Little one managed to entertain himself from here for nearly an HOUR!!

thumb_IMG_0790_1024 thumb_IMG_0799_1024 Dinosaur mountains and more - Powered by Life

I didn’t make a sound!

I got busy in the kitchen making my Raw Veggie Mix, being a domestic goddess even more and then made a friend a Tiramisu with a little help from my son…

Toddlers in the kitchen - Powered by Life

Oh my 20% of being shit was having a sip or two of TiaMaria Liquor…I had to taste test you know ha!

Tiramisu - Powered by Life

The rest of the day was just as fun, pouring/sorting jobs (Montessori school children are encouraged to call games/toys jobs instead). We went for a mini bike ride and kicked the footy with a neighbours kid for a bit. Watched a truck being towed away (boring as batshit for me but the little one enjoyed observing). 20 minutes of Dino-Dan and then did out night time routine of shower, dinner, books (Dinosaur sticker creation tonight) and bed.


LUCAS: lunch looks horrible. your a bad mum

LUCAS: lunch is yum mum

ME: Life good baby?

LUCAS: yea not really, life is amazing with mum. BUT muuuuum, if we cut the trees down in the zoo will the monkeys die?

ME: Yes honey, they need the trees…….chatted about different animals needing different habitats and care

LUCAS: then we will be dead if we don’t have this home?

ME: No honey, we are fortunate to have many different ways to live and choices

LUCAS: then we have a lot to do anyway…lets go bake some cupcakes for my birthday

ME: No!! Your birthday is 3 months away!

LUCAS: then lets go wrestle?


Happy Monday peeps xx



Chicken and Balsamic - Powered by Life

  • Chicken Breast
  • Asparagus
  • Mini Roma Tomatos
  • Rosemary from garden
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • In oven at 200 degrees and baked covered for 25 minutes and an extra 10 minutes uncovered.
  • Drizzle preservative free Balsamic when serving up


  • Same oven at the same time baked sweat and desiree potatoes Lunch and extra meals done!



Breakfast - Powered by Life


Little one also had Sourdough toast with Manuka honey



False Expectations Appearing Real