My friend Zoe over at Zomt has a clear message when it comes to meal prep, The pro’s out way the con’s and hands-down I agree!

Having others to feed makes it a little  more complex too because not everyone wants to have a packed plastic box of food, some people like to open the fridge and have a rummage around deciding what they feel like or even being told what they should eat. This can be great but often leads me down the track of ‘whatever this’ll do’ eating which eventually leads to ‘yea I was eating well but then…’

I have a little formula I use, like a matrix you could say when there are others to cook for!

Make about 14 meals to last me a week which still leaves me 7 meals meals (dinners) to make.

2-3 times during the week make your family a lovely dinner that includes the ingredients you need and if for example they are having pasta with sauce (not on my eating plan) I will make extra bolognese (more meaty than sauce) with lots of veggies and make that into my additional meal for the day. Given that I will eat 3 main meals in one day Plus breakfast and a protein shake… 

This way the family is happy, you get your extra meals needed and bobs your aunt theres no tears and only 6 packs walking and healthy guts walking around 🙂


Yesterday I spent minimal time in the kitchen making about 8 meals. I had my energetic boy with me as always and a friend over so it was a busy cook up!

I cooked a huge amount of Quinoa, made a Raw Veggie mix and baked a large amount of chicken in oven bags.

TIP: A few minutes before the Quinoa or rice is ready throw in chopped up Broccoli and Asparagus, it ads to the flavour and you get your greens cooked all in one pot!

Here’s a 60Second video showing you how the Chicken is made. Enjoyed this article? Learned something today? Please SHARE and help you and I ACHIEVE a healthier community!


I’ve never seen a “part-time” super successful, high performance person. – Dan Pena (The 50 Billion Dollar Man)