Get out of here!

I’m done. Yes it’s true I’m done.

It’s been a long time coming, a long time holding on but I know I’ve made the right decision because I feel liberated already.

Don’t be shocked, because it’s my decision.

Repeat after me, I’m done with this negative self, with this tired body and the scattered life!

It could be the excess fat around your legs and belly that your over holding onto but it’s just as likely your over the attitude that comes with it too.

I often write about these habits of resetting, letting go, moving on it’s no surprise during my own life experiences I have grown to be better at doing these very practices. Each experience in our life no matter how tough it’s been really is there to guide us to the next part of our journey, it’s a flowing stream of high’s and low’s that is life.

What’s the diagnoses doctor?

There seems to be a diagnoses for everything these days and symptoms that could leave you googling yourself to your own make believe diagnosis. Without a doubt we all need medicine of some sort, whether it be through a GP of western medicine, Spiritual healing, Chinese Herbalists, Therapy, Essential Oils, supplements, yoga and the abundance of other options there are. It’s all medicine.

Underneath the surface, what feels like dormant or even dead (‘well buried’) for some is the very route of ‘me’ (you).

Now your all grown up and this interesting mix of traits like  the mud of insecurity after being dumped by your partner, or missing out on childhood memories, depressed from a mislead career, self indulgent, fearful, anxious and even angry for all the other experiences you have lived through. Face it, be thankful for those experiences as that has brought you to this very screen right now having a moment to read something that’s appeared in your day for a reason. Messages of love and support are in front of you all the time, open your eyes and just quiet watch and listen…they will come jumping out at you like kangaroos on a quiet drive down the east coast of australia or they may be more discrete like a hand gesture from passing by traffic of someone that allowed you into their lane.


Yeah, I hear this one a fair bit. Ironically Denial can be kinda cool. ”I don’t know what your talking about, I just like to drink each night because it taste good”. ”I’m not angry I’m just annoyed” <– oh can I be this one! ”It’s all good” …Maybe these statements aren’t true to you but whats your one-liner? We often carry these masks around with us to protect ourselves from  questions that cut deep. It doesn’t matter how you want to respond to others but what matters is being present in what you say and do each day.


Help, I’m looking for help as …

I’m not good at the moment 🙁

I feel like I’m drowning  in … have you experienced something similar?

I don’t know if I’m in this because it’s the best place to live my life or because I fear any alternative.

It's time to say goodbye...foreverIntegrity for others and respect that each journey is different to another so let yourself feel your life and allow others to live theirs.


The healing you can give your body to discover a healthy and beautiful physiques, skin, energy, focus is a body that is regularly cleansed of pain in whatever form it may be. Here’s a couple very simple ways to cleanse:

  1. Visit and hug the people that you love/miss the most. The human touch is our biggest threat of extinction! Seriously, hug people!
  2. Take time to be with nature, even for the urban-burben-city slickers staring at a tree nice and close can be very centring…you might even incorporate it into your daily walks
  3. Take a daily walk, down the shops, around the block just walk – without your phone or distraction!
  4. Talk, let it out. To a councillor, friend or even to your pet. There is nothing wrong with pulling out all the unspoken words that sit inside. It’s one of the most valuable ways to cleanse.
  5. The big one, be grateful. Well you can’t just BE grateful you have to want to be grateful. If everything was taken from you today, everything. What would you wish you loved, cherished and treated different?
  6. Flip it, there’s of course the enfaces to focus on ourselves but how often do you willingly and lovingly focus on another? Try someone in need of something you already may have. Find them and give.
  7. Cleanse with food…eat well. Well means to make yourself well. If you are unsure as most of us are on what foods would be best for you to cleanse yourself then just ask. Ask me, ask a professional, ask the healthiest person you can contact!

I know what your thinking, what kinda liver, digestion bloody detox is this? well did you know our feelings sit inside our bodies and that’s not just inside our hearts!


This blog has come about after a lot of tired days and nights with life feeling like it’s bogging me down. I knew I was letting it get to me, I was struggling to be clear in my head why I am humble and happy with the life I get to live. Just my son, my mum and I 🙂

I realised last night that It’s too much energy inside, built up from not cleansing. Not letting the right feelings, energy, words out and cooping them up inside.

Fortunately I less than a handful, yes I’m fortunate on this, to have very beautiful people in my life that give graciously to me with no desire to receive anything back…that’s their cleansing too!

So I thought  it’s time for me to say goodbye to this grumpy-sister inside of me and let it go. Come back to being me, the real happy, veracious and passionate me….I started my cleanse yesterday with building a magical chimney with my son and painting….One foot in front of each other, one cleansing and healing shift at a time and we can all be loving wholesome human beings that never forget our pasts but live each day knowing we truly are all very lucky to be here in the first place.


*I don’t write as often as I used to so to the regular readers (old figures say there were 6,000 regularly readers) here thanks for staying tuned and to anyone new thanks for coming over to my site. I hope through reading, listening and watching I can support and help someone else to live their best life.

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Ciao for now 😉

Sara – Powered by life