You’re the baddest mum!


Yes folks, that sweet little angel I’m always posting about knows exactly and precicily which strings to pluck!

This blog is for my good friend Megan and anyone else out there that might need a ‘oh shit, thank goodness for that’ read!

So I’m always yapping on about my healthy broccoli scoffing,  intelligent investigative and awesome dancer son Lucas. It’s true he really is awesome, in my eyes! Check out these moves!


1.Try making a cuppa with your kid (good if they are old enough) and discuss their different feeling
s, writing them down, drawing pictures and using colours…it’s like art therapy but you do it with them or for them…You will be amazed what can come out just give them time and space to think and talk.

2. Water time for you and a quiet moment in the bathroom. It’s ok to cry even if front of your kid, YES its normal and they need to see mummy has a range of emotions too and how she deals with them…so avoid the booze and smokes so you can try be a good role model – at least when they’re looking anyway 😉


Between family, friends, clients and social media jargon there is a whole lot of chat about motherhood. There’s the cliche my-kid-rocks images and the ‘Drinking fixes everything – parent’ status updates.

I know because I often enjoy the high of gloating about my son.Then there’s the stuff ya’ll don’t see and
he stuff that we sometimes don’t talk openly enough about.  THE SHIT TIMES.  Not because you’re shit, or your kids shit but because that very moment or day or even that whole entire sleepless month is just SHIT.

Doctor Lucas - You're a bad mum


I’d like to say I’m a complete professor at being a parent to MY son for a whole 4 years. Seriously I know everything about my son there is to know. EXCEPT for when I’m not paying attention and his mood changes or the wind changes or whatever happens and I’m like ‘what the fuck just happened to my angel’.

If you didn’t already know I’m a single mum and it can be a little tricky with little to no help. I work at a gym, out and about and often at home. When I’m at home there is a general rule, I better not touch any electronic devises or all hell will break loose…just above is a picture of me TRYING to get some urgent work done whilst my boy is being Doctor Lucas!


Here’s and example, we’re on our awesome rubber kids mat and I’m being a super mum with all the pain
t stuff out and letting him paint my legs, paint his hands, paint on paper and whatever makes him smile and for us to giggle and chat and be creative…then theres the meltdown. What just happened? I thought we were having fun?

Translation: I’m hungry. <— 4 years on and don’t be fooled there isn’t always ‘signs’ these little humans go from content to freakin breakdown starving in seconds!

Or when he and I have had a awesome day and he tells me a gazzilion times he loves me then proceeds to punch me as hard as he can in the back just before I leave the room saying good night. Oh yea my angel can be a Not-so-angel at times.

Translation: That means I don’t want you to leave so If I hit you, you will likely spend a bunch of time talking to me about it and time equals mummy and not sleeping.

You're a bad mum!


I try flip our conversations fast to break old habits or to have him focus on a positive moment instead of feeling frustrated (at writing) or anxious (meeting new people) and most of the time it works a charm and other times, nope he gonna break down in front of the entire Bentleigh Coles yelling in his princes-frozen-squeeky-pitched voice…

You're a bad Mum! - I love you


So for the most part, 95 percent of the time I really do have the most amazing son and he has been a wonderful experience to raise and learn to become the best mum I can’t be but through my ‘shit storytelling’ I hope you feel some what relief that I too have my melt downs, break downs, cry me a river freak outs!

On a serious note: I highly recommend these books

  1. The Happiest Toddler on the Block &also wrote the Happiest Baby on the block ( Harvey Karp, M.D)
  2. Buddhism for Mothers (Sarah Naphtali)

CHILLOUT – The dishes, bills, meetings really can wait. Give yourself the time and space you need to get your head around the notion that this really is ALL part of being a parent! Chances are the mum up the street has her nose in her knees not he kitchen floor and his crying out next weeks washing water.

For those in the Bayside area who need a chat, hug, train, pep talk… check out the details below and give me a call