I don’t want my body to Yo-yo anymore!

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]My client and I were chatting today about the tremendous effort she has engaged in transforming a year off. For lot’s of reasons it was a smart move to just detox her life and she did that. Now she is back, with a training session regime with me, a new perceptive of the year she has had and a new look at things to come.

So we are chit-chatting in between sets – huge track day with the sled today – so proud! xx And I remind her that despite the effort in the gym and yes the dramatic change it will have on her physically and mentally FOOD is a large portion of the outcome, both short and long term.

Immediately I think, I wonder how many of us need to have this conversation, regularly!


My clients comes clean – ‘For me it’s chocolate, i know I shouldn’t’   – ‘I get it’ I say. Because I really do. There’s a big bonus I get with having such a young child and no partner, I am the ONLY person that brings food into the house. And over many years of practice I have created a simple rule – junk is to be eaten outside of the home. In hear we eat for our health, for our future and for our goals.

That doesn’t mean that each day I leave the house I’m scoffing gluten-free chocolate cake from Mr Brightside (Yes I am referringa  place with good cake!) It means that I have created a conscious habit and made a concision decision to stick to this rule. Eating ingredients I probably shouldn’t mostly happens weekly, that’s 1 meal out of 28 meals.



Ok so here’s the difference. Incidentally its the additional words I use to sum up Powered by Life’s philosophy. LEARN, SHARE, ACHIEVE. I’m going to break this down for the purpose of this topic.


A lot of us will purchase a particular plan, either off the internet or phone app or follow some sort of friend-passed-it-to-me fad diet. So it works, horay!

You get some results by the end of the program.

But there is one key fall here, did we learn about the ingredients, the use of them, whether they worked with our body?.

Did we understand the timing of when you ate certain foods and again why?.

Do you know the difference between what cous-cous does for your body as apposed to quinoa or sourdough bread?.

For me it comes down to education, the most efficiently developed and strong humans I know are people that have a hunger to LEARN. They ask why, research it thoroughly.

They start to understand their body, measure the change in their body in their energy and in their mental mindset and make their own decisions LEARNing along the way.

There is no mindless consumption of a food program.


“Every experience we have changes our biology” – Deepak Chopra



Something special happens when you learn heaps of great quality information we want to share it.

The difference between the friend that passes on the fad diet and sharing your newly found and intensively researched and understood information is that you don’t pass on the specific details but you SHARE the experience of learning and the out come you received out of it.

You learned to read your body properly.

You learned to question the fast stream media information and really listen to your body by measuring it’s changes and challenges.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]


There’s the obvious, which is when you have discovered your truth in your body with your food hindrances whether it be poor food choices or habits or understanding the biochemistry process (hormones) and the effects it has on your entire being. Whatever your learning has given you, you win….even if you are not at your goal just yet you ARE on your way there and this time you will NOT fail.

Because you have LEARNed along the way and not just followed a plan!

You and everyone together ACHIEVE when you grow. It’s because you contribute in spreading self awareness and self discipline and growth to others. By you Learning to become better and passing your experience you achieve great things. Everyone wants to be around success and happiness correct? So the same will go for yourself the more you learn and share the more you will be humbled and how passing on those experiences change other peoples lives whether it be a 13 year old girl coming into teenage hood and discovering the huge pressure of society idealism or a 40 year old man who has slogged out the (what feels like) best part of his life to business meetings and booze.  The law of attraction….ACHIEVEMENT spreads!



Want to lose the weight and keep it off? Learn, really dive into books, hormone and welbeing specialists, hang out with true athletes and people that have also managed to LEARN, SHARE & ACHIEVE!

Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do. Not a punishment for what you ate” – unknown


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