Quick guide to payment on the new management system.

Powered by Life has always requested clients to ensure their sessions are paid
up front or by the day of their session.

Now with our new management system its never been easier.

Here’s an example so that you can understand the new way you will pay for your sessions:


1. Download PT Minder app

2. Login to app ( Complete prompted form for first time login)

3. Click on Packages

4. Buy the relevant pack for your time and quantity for the week.
You must purchase enough for the week ahead.
*Discounts apply on 10 Packs.

5. Complete Purchase and credit will then transfer on your app account.

6. 24 Hour Cancellation Policy applies and credit is used.
Unused sessions however will continue to roll over to the next session.

7. Clients will no longer receive a invoice unless specifically requested.

Have trouble setting up your PT MINDER app? No worries!
Send us a quick email and we will walk you through the steps over the phone