just given birth?

There is no steadfast rule when a woman is ready to start or return to exercise. However for most of us your maternal health nurse will give you a indicator when it is safe, specially if you had a cesearean, episiotomy or other complex recovery injuries to work through.


We believe that a woman can start moving her body gently and with some level of control within weeks of giving birth. There are many safe and often ideal exercises that woman should perform in order to have bladder control, reduce pain (neck, shoulders and back) and to support their mental health.


Let’s do a little self check in! Here are 5 questions i’d like you to ask yourself and take note of how these questions make you feel.

1. How are YOU coping after giving birth emotionally?

2. Have you support people around you? To care for baby while you shower, nap, eat …

3. Is your body recovering albeit slowly?

4. Did you sleep last night? Sleep deprivation changes everything from physically ability to mental focus and strenght.

5. If you are having a hard time, do you know that you can talk to me about it?

Book a FREE chat with us to discuss where you are at right now and whether it’s time to start exercising or doing something else to help you feel better and move forward in your motherhood journey!

oh and …


Yes that’s right! We understanding that the juggle of raising a little family and still finding time for YOU is intense!

So we have a wonderful KIDS ROOM that has wonderful child minders caring from new borns to big toddlers!

Available MONDAY through to FRIDAY from 8:30am to 10:30am so you can enjoy your time with your coach without a worry! 

*extention of Child Minding times is likely to occur in early 2020!