I coach health conscious people who want professional health coaching to get their body to feel, look and do all it should. I have extensive experience in coaching people from all abilities. Fortunate to work with clients with physical and mental roadblocks, I find the correct course of action and style of training to achieve their goals so that the outcome is not just a better body, but a body that has a functioning digestion system, clear mind and positive attitude.

My mission is to help you move, measure and master your unique formula for optimal health. From private personal training, to nutrition and holistic development, I will motivate you to get your body in it’s top physical, mental and emotional condition for the best lifelong outcome and results.

My coaching methods come with kind words and strong cues, and my attention to detail enables each client to master their bodies to to obtain the energy, mobility and happiness they need.

Qualified, with 10 years & thousands of hours of experience, I pride myself on being an honest advocate for health and wellbeing, taking care of my clients journey with complete attention and support in each session.

In my career, I have been fortunate to be in some of Australia’s best personal training studios, starting my career in Middle Park in a boutique facility along side working at a professional kickboxing studio in South East Melbourne. Transitioning to Australia’s first original personal training studio run by Craig Harper, Harpers Personal Training. I now work in a state of the art facility on Nepean Hwy Brighton and Noble Park as well as outdoor locations around Bayside for semi-private sessions.

Speciality Areas

  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Rehabilitation and Injury Recovery
  • Athletic Performance/ Development
  • Holistic Development

  • Body Composition Transformation
  • Nutrition and Gut Health Coaching Programs
  • PrePartum and PostPartum – Pregnancy

“The idea that health requires an integration of all aspects of a person and that each one of us is unique, has inspired a set of core principles that direct every single element of how I work with each client at Powered by Life. My philosophy is based on Personalisation, Customisation, Education, Implementation and Transformation.”