Personal Training



Not Just a Personal Trainer

A Personal Training session with me is always professional and delivered with a high calibre of service. We will implement a combination of selected and thoroughly coached exercises that are programmed specifically for you to help you get the results you want. Whether you would like to improve your gridiron game, pelvic floor, golf swing, lose pregnancy weight or change your body altogether, there is a plan and program for everyone.

With over 10 years of coaching, as well as prior experience in educating, learning and being in the wheel of change,  I deliver a style of coaching, training programs and holistic development work that integrates beautifully with each individual. I have personally experienced the impact that comes from poor lifestyle, anxiety, bacterial infections, gut issues, lethargy, sleep aponea and even weight changes from being pregnant so I know exactly where you are coming from and what it takes to get you on the right path to fulfill your health goals.

The support doesn’t stop when you leave the gym.

My Elite Powerful Packages allows me to go the extra mile for my clients that is often required to make the biggest difference in your body and mind transformation. I will assist in monitoring your nutrition, plan out your solo training sessions, one-on-one personal training sessions, recovery work and most importantly I will hold you accountable. 

I have a team of people behind me that support me in my growth and my programming like Doctors, Mentors, Specialist Tests, Naturopaths, Sauna’s and so much more.

All sessions are 60 minutes (with limited exception) because I have always believed that proper mobility prior to training and stretching whenever permits is very important. This allows each person to prevent injury and enhances your recovery too. Plus, having a helping hand to get your body moving feels so good too! I am an advocate on turning your life around by adopting a new lifestyle and taking control.

After all, it’s our choices in life that define us. I’ve made my choice, what are you choosing to do? I have the knowledge, experience and can help you get from ‘I want it’ to ‘I got it!’

Personal Training



New in 2020 is a weekly TEENS WHO MOVE session! Focused on a midweek, after school program that allows teens from 13-16 to feel better within their bodies.

Whilst their bodies develop and settle into their new young adult bodies there is often a huge range of hormonal changes and variations depending on their current lifestyle and if female or male. The sessions are fun, educational and we work on the foundation movement patterns such as body weight, pushing, pulling, pressing, turning, speed and agility.

Throughout each session the teens will be taught progressive exercises to build on their goals whether its ball sports, rowing, running or simply getting them off the couch and putting their screen aside for a short period of time.

Appropriate and healthy discussion is created within each session covering food and its use, hydration and mental development. I find that open fun conversation about these important topics is key to teaching the youth of today that our bodies are much more than the outside and when our bodies are fed well, hydrated well and most of all have a positive and focused mindset the result is a capable, balanced and healthy body and mind. Who knows we might even make them into happy confident teens too!5

There is a eligibility criteria to join the 4:30 Wednesday group session. Private sessions at other times are also limited but available. For more details contact me now!


& Gut Health

It’s about the food too

My method is finding multi-ingredient meals to nourish your microbiome- that is the kilo and a half (1.5kgs) of bacteria living principally in your gut.

A healthy microbiome keeps weight and digestive symptoms down, mood and energy up. It is also linked with glowing gorgeous skin and an improved immune system. When your gut bacteria are being fed the correct foods, (at least 20+ different varieties of plant foods a week including vegetables, herbs, some fruit, extra virgin olive oil and fermented foods) you will feel fantastic physically and mentally. In fact, no wonder many people find mental clarity come with feeding yourself right!

Don’t wait to get sick

Work with me and my handy Naturopath Lisa Martin who works directly with me to ensure my clients plans are perfect to the detail. Many people work with us on optimising general health and supporting healthy ageing using all the latest research, which is combined with Lisa’s experience and other network of colleagues so that my clients are holistically cared for from beginning to optimal health. Nutrition and lifestyle are two factors you can control and fine tuning them working in collaboration with an expert naturopath practitioner makes a huge impact.

Sessions start with a collection of information so that we can understand your lifestyle, habits, current gut situation and even your moods. We then use all that information together with both our years of experience and knowledge and provide you with a comprehensive Nutrition and Gut Health plan each week that will reset and have you acheiving better health in no time.




Let Me Mentor You

In the gym, coaching and in personal life, I find that success normally has the same two flavours; Support and Structure.

I was on the lookout for a new challenge that would enable me to have more impact on peoples lives which brought me to my ‘Holistic Development’ package.  I’m pleased to now offer Holistic Development Coaching session which are available in person one-on-one, private groups (your friends/family), skype or phone.

Create the best version of yourself

My Holistic Development sessions are supported with 3 sessions over a short period of time, giving you the structure and accountability to create the changes you want.

My knowledge of the human body and general experience combined with specific coaching techniques, such as motivational interviewing, positive psychology and goal setting are a great combination that can provide you with the structure, support, confidence and empowerment that you need to achieve long-term behaviour change. Your health goals could be related to exercise (strength and fitness), chronic pain, long-term illness, eating habits, weight loss as well as stress management and general wellbeing.

Make your Health a priority and start today