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SARA IS MY MOTIVATOR Sara is a great personal trainer, health consultant and motivator. When I started training with her, I had a 12 week mission to loose weight before a trip to Europe. With her guidance I had lost 6kilos and felt happier than I had ever been! A year later, my training with her has continued, and every session I learn more about my muscles, nutrition and lifestyle habits. Nowadays, I train with my sisters and every session is different and fun, and I look forward to it every week. – Fleur
I LOVE EVERY SESSION I love every session with Sara! Her ability to customise and tailor every training session to achieve an individuals goals is excellent and she has always accommodated our individual needs when I’m training with my sisters. Her personality is contagious and she always helps me put everything back into perspective. Love, love, love. – Phoebe
BACK PROBLEM TRANSFORMATION Before I started with Sara I was all round pretty unhealthy. Since training with Sara I have learnt so much about my body. Not only does Sara help me achieve my fitness goals but also educates me on my nutrition and also my muscles, which has ultimately led to me finally fixing back problems I’ve had for the last few years due to work. I will continue to train with Sara because she makes me feel cared about and really puts time and effort into helping me make changes to my fitness and my life, she is an all round amazing and inspiration woman and has exceeded all my expectations of a personal trainer. – Brittanee
“I’m a young woman who has struggled with self confidence and a healthy mind set my whole life. I started working with Sara round 5 months ago now and I have never felt more healthy in my life. Sara is my go to for nutrition advice, assisting me with maintaining a healthy mind set and most of all Sara maintains a highly professional relationship as well as being the big sister I have always need. I’m so thankful and blessed to have her as my trainer!”

“Sara is a lot of fun and she fully commits to making you better and helping you reach your goals. While she makes workouts enjoyable she makes sure that they are also targeting a certain aspect of your health/fitness. She also contacts you between sessions to check in you and help you keep motivated. Sara is a great, passionate trainer with a great knowledge for the industry”

“I am over 60 and Sara has done wonders with improving my overall fitness and particularly the range of movement in my shoulders which was quite restricted when I first started with Sara. She has been expert in treating my issues with suitable and varied exercise routines. Above all I really enjoy our sessions and feel full of energy afterwards”

“Sara always packs a full body workout into every session, and I’m left looking forward to next session, every time. She knows how to activate muscles I didn’t even know exist, not just focussing on the larger muscle groups we all know about. She’s kind and encouraging, and also very approachable. Great personal trainer.”


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